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digital health in our region

Unleashing the power of digital health through a united ecosystem

We are a community of professionals from various disciplines driving the Digital Health ecosystem in Latin America and the world.

We collaborate on digital transformation in healthcare and promote an open, collaborative, and people-centered culture of innovation.

We dream big, we set bold goals.
We build on diversity, design open and inclusive spaces.
We are enthusiastic, we trust the overwhelming power of collaboration.

¿What is our goal?

Meeting point

We create a wide and diverse gathering space among digital health members.


We facilitate connections between the different actors that make up the ecosystem.


We promote the culture of collaboration through open knowledge and disruptive innovation.


We add value to the digital transformation process of the healthcare system.


We offer interdisciplinary approaches to gain transdisciplinary knowledge.

Our ecosystem consists of people who work hard every day to promote digital health, just like you:

Health Services and Healthcare Providers
Health Payors
Industry and Corporations
State and Public Administrations
Academia and Research Centers
Professionals and Technicians
Entrepreneurial Ecosystem (Startups, Accelerators, Venture Capitals)
Third Sector and Civil Society

At TISAC, we foster an ecosystem that encourages social and technological innovation to drive digital transformation. We promote, develop and spread these innovations to improve health and quality of life.

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