People-centered digital innovation

¿What do we do?


We analyze

We analyze and assess the impact of new technologies and innovation in the health and social sector from a critical and constructive perspective


We propose

We formulate proposals for the use and implementation of new technologies and innovation.


We articulate

We collaborate to bridge the public, private and third sector and promote the adoption of new technologies.


We train and discuss

We promote educational activities and debates for the study and promotion of the implementation of new technologies and innovation.


We organize

We carry out cultural and social activities for members and the general public.

Dreams in Action:

Our Initiatives

Open Digital Health Community

We are a community of professionals dedicated to digital health transformation in Ibero- America. We share ideas, knowledge and resources on a daily basis.

We are constantly growing and the doors are always open! Would you join us?

EVIS (Health Validation and Innovation Spaces)

Most Digital Health startups face the same challenge: clinically validate their solution to demonstrate its effectiveness.

EVIS is designed to facilitate this process by connecting Hospitals (both public and private) with those Digital Health companies seeking a clinical validation environment.

We have developed a methodology to accelerate and make this process available: we create acceleration centers and controlled test environments and access to the necessary resources.

Whether you’re a startup with a product to validate, or a hospital that wants to promote innovation and become a validating center, let’s get in touch!

Mapping the Digital Health Ecosystem

¿What are the main actors of Digital Health in Ibero-America?

We are creating an up-to-date mapping of digital health initiatives to understand their distribution across the country and the markets in which they are present.

Through this mapping we seek to:

– Identify and comprehend the ecosystem of actors, initiatives and digital health ventures in Ibero-America;
– Connect multi-disciplinary professionals who are innovating in the HealthTech industry;
– Give visibility to existing developments and solutions.

Are you interested in joining this ecosystem and having a platform that provides visibility, networking possibilities and opportunities to develop or scale your solution?



Over the past few years, virtual events have been the norm and we know that it doesn’t feel the same to interact online as it is in person.

Just like you, we also miss in-person networking and that’s why we’re preparing a space for us to meet again.

It will be an unforgettable experience, so stay tuned!

While you wait, we recommend participating in one of the events of our ecosystem partners.

We wanna get to know you

Other projects we participate in


Gravitate Health is a project of the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) led by the University of Oslo and Pfizer School of Medicine.

It is made up of a consortium of 39 partners and aims to develop a digital health information tool called Gravitate Lens (G-Lens). G-Lens will focus on approved medication information and provide patients with understandable, reliable, and up-to-date information that meets their needs and fits their health context and literacy levels.

At TISAC, we participate in this project as a reference ecosystem in Latin America of the Echalliance network, bringing our eyes and experience from the context of our region