To carry out our mission, and in accordance with our strategic objectives, we form working groups on specific topics in which members participate and contribute their knowledge and experience.

Connection, Collaboration and Integration

Aimed at developing mechanisms of collaboration, connection and integration with public, private and civil society bodies (Universities, Governments, Research Centers, Chambers, Companies, Health Institutions and any organization that seeks to generate synergies for the generation and transfer of knowledge and good practices).

Meeting point


Ethical and Legal Framework

Aimed at developing framework to address ethical questions and regulatory needs around the design, development, implementation and evaluation of digital solutions in the health and social field.


Aimed at promoting conditions for the development and validation of
technologies applied to the field of health.

We seek to create spaces for innovation, dissemination of international standards for interoperability, and integration of digital solutions and technologies.

Its focus areas include usability and accessibility from the user’s perspective, as well as security and privacy of health data.

Empowerment and Involvement

Aimed at disseminating and promoting digital health in our society.

We work to improve digital literacy for institutions, professionals and the general public in order to accompany the digital transformation process in the field of health.



Research and Training

Aimed at the training of all the actors involved in the ideation, design, development, implementation and evaluation processes of digital solutions in the field of health.

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