At TISAC we work every day to…

Create and share knowledge, as well as generate spaces for debate on the use of new technologies and innovation in the field of population health and well-being;
Exchange and articulate experiences, promote good practices that encourage the construction and management of knowledge using cross-functional methodologies in alliance with public and private organizations that share our same purposes;
Promote training and research together with academic entities on social and technological innovation in the field of health;
Collaborate with the bodies responsible for the management and/or regulation of the use of new technologies in the field of health and well-being.

Our approach is…


We always wonder why.


We seek to give representativeness to all voices.


We create a broad, caring and inclusive space.


We take into account the context of our region.

The most innovative solutions are not those that rely on the latest technology, but those that take the time to listen and incorporate people as players in the design of the solutions that will impact their lives.

It may take longer, perhaps, but we think it’s the only way.